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"Mr Nutmouse (known as Tumtum, on account of his having such a large one) was a wise, bookish sort of mouse. He never lost his temper or got agitated, and he did everything very calmly and slowly."

Tumtum comes from a very grand family, but he is not as rich as his ancestors were because he has given most of his money away. (He donated nearly a third of his fortune to a charity in aid of mice with hiccups.) So he leads a modest life. He does not employ a butler or a maid, and he cannot afford to give banquets in his banqueting-room, nor balls in his ballroom. But since Tumtum doesn’t much like balls and banquets, this suits him very well.

Appearance: Tumtum’s tumtum is so large that he has to have all his suits especially made by a mouse-tailor in London. He usually wears a waist-coat, and he needs spectacles for reading.

Likes: Tumtum likes breakfast, elevenses, lunch, tea and supper. And when he is not eating breakfast, elevenses, lunch, tea and supper, he can generally be found reading history books in the library.

Dislikes: Tumtum dislikes the telephone. Most well-to-do mice have telephones in their houses, but Tumtum has always refused to have one installed at Nutmouse Hall. If he wants to make contact with a friend, he writes a letter.